Club Structure

We are a player-led club with a dedicated leadership team

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Club History









Hackney Bulls and Hackney Rugby clubs officially merge becoming Hackney Rugby Football Club.

A Hackney ladies rugby team, the “Gladies”, is founded with a second being formed six years later.

The club, which is instrumental in providing rugby to local school children, is awarded the RFU President’s XV Award for Social Inclusion.


Image courtesy of Mark O’Shea

Griffins pamphlet from the 1989/90 season. The image includes a picture of the 1st XV (captained by Andy Elias) who won the Middlesex division 2

The Griffins win Hertfordshire/Middlesex 3N but are not promoted to Level 10 as the RFU restructures the lower leagues.  Club growth enables the launch of a second men’s team, the “Gargoyles”.  In 2009, a third team, the "Gogs” is introduced.

The Hackney Bulls Youth Rugby Club is formed, inspired by England’s World Cup winning side. Launched by 6 local Dads with 10 playing members, the youth club grows rapidly.  It now provides regular playing and training opportunities for over 250 young people, ranging from 6 to 18 and including both boys and girls. 

The Hackney clubhouse burns down.  With no facilities to offer, the club declines fielding only a single men’s side, the "Griffins”.  The club meets these challenges by adopting a democratic and inclusive approach to its running, with meetings being open to all and younger players encouraged to stand for committee positions. The new energy, coupled with experience already at the club, sees it adapt and grow over the coming years. These values remain an important part if its ethos.

The team’s 1975 Middlesex Cup quarter final match was against Saracens was one of many notable success in the 1970s and 80s.

The Hackney Rugby Club is founded as an old boys club for former pupils of the Woodberry Down Comprehensive School.  It was originally called “Old Griffins RFC”, taking its name from the school’s crest.  Prior to that rugby had been played on the club's home in Springhill Sports Ground since the late nineteenth century.  Soon after the new club is formed, it opens its doors to the wider community and changes its name to reflect this.

Old Hackney Crest.png

The crest of the old Woodberry Down Comprehensive School

Our Ethos


We are Inclusive


Anyone is welcome at our club, and everyone is encouraged to be involved both on and off the field. We are drawn from every walk of life and every section of our community, and Hackney Rugby Club is richer for it. The only obstacle to anyoneÊs involvement at any level of our club is their attitude and desire

We Respect

Everyone who steps onto the field, volunteers their time or allows us to enjoy our game is crucial to our success and we treat them respectfully. This attitude ensures we are honest, hard working and supportive team-mates. Hard to earn and easy to lose, every member of our club maintains this respect, and everyone walking through our door is afforded it.


We are a Community

We are part of something bigger than ourselves, be it our club, our sport or our local community. Whenever possible, however we’re able, we give back to that community. Stronger together, we aim to make Hackney Rugby Club the most inclusive, respectful and successful it can be.  Learn more about how Hackney RFC gives back to the community here.